Case study compare products website


The website is an initiative of Hans Michiels, an independent Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse consultant from the Netherlands. While working with these tools, he noticed that there are many available, but there was no website where you could compare them. He decided to create one and we helped implementing it.

The problem

The challenge was how to integrate a compare products application seamlessly inside of a WordPress website.

The Solution

We created an integral solution for the data warehouse automation website. Inside of the website we created the application to compare the products. Everything with an integrated modern design.

As a consultant himself, Hans had already a clear idea how he wanted to present the information to the users.
According to his vision we created the website and the application to compare the products.

Our designer created a complete new logo and branding for the website. With this design we implemented a WordPress website to present the information and the blog.

Parallel to this we developed the app to compare the products. Although a separated solution, it integrates perfectly into the style of the website. The user has a seamless experience when he visits the website.

The user can compare up until 3 products.

Technical Stuff

The compare products app is created with Angular as front-end and a PHP REST API on the backend. The information about the products are stored in an MySql database. As you will notice when you visit the website, the compare products app is blazing fast.

Technic and Tools used

  • Angular front-end for comparing products
  • TypeScript
  • Sass (CSS)
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP REST web API
  • MySQL database
  • WordPress website