Enterprise Applications

Automate your business processes to work more efficient and more effective

What is an Enterprise Application?

Enterprise applications are applications used by organisations, rather than for individuals. They are used to display, manipulate and store (lot's of) data. Usally used by multiple users at the same time.  It automates business processes of organisations.

Enterprise Applications characteristics

  • Lot's of data
  • Concurrently data access (the data is used at the same time by multiple users and systems)
  • Integration with other Enterprise applications.
  • Many interfaces (screens)
  • Performance, scalability, and robustness

Examples of Enterprise Applications

  • Order processing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Production planning
  • Accounting
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Enterprise Applications Development

We help you automate your business processes.

Building custom solutions that fit your business and make you work more efficient and effective.

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How we work


First contact and estimate

On our first free of charge consult, you tell us your requirements of your project.
Based on this consult we give an estimate to build this project.


Requirements and Design

To fully understand your needs we start with analysing, documenting your requirements and designing your desired solution. Based the first step we create visuals designs so you get a good feeling of how the solution will look like. We give you a fixed estimate for the implementation of the solution.



We develop the solution in incremental steps. Regular we will have contact for any doubts or clarification needed. We show you regular our progress of development, so you are sure you get what you want. We deliver the final solution, ready to be tested.


Test and acceptance

You test that the solution is working as expected. If needed we make small adjustments based on your tests. When the requirements are fully met, you accept the solution.



We are available for questions you may have. Also we are glad to add new enhancements to optimize the system even more.

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